Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Of 20K and Stinky Toilets

On the same day that the Sensex crossed 20000 points, the news comes of stinky toilets and dog feaces at the Commonwealth Games preparation in Delhi. Apparently the facilities are "unlivable", which is in complete contrast to the "world class" standards that we were made to believe.

On one hand we see a bright and proud shining India where foreign money is pouring in, and on the other we have a case of us failing miserably to organize a decent world class event. Are we so incompetent to be incapable of handling something like this? Are Indians, who are at the top of the game all around the world, not worthy enough to build decent facilities for the Games, let alone win some of them.

I can understand up to a certain degree the need for politicians, bureaucrats and contractors to pocket a few crores (conservative estimate) for their personal expenses, but is it fair to put the nation's prestige at stake? Is it really worth it? It might as well have been better off without hosting this event itself. Find other ways to pocket the taxpayers money. Why embarrass the country in front of the whole world...???

The entire nation is certainly disappointed, but then again who is to be blamed? Is it just the bureaucrats, politicians or businessmen? Is it not the people of the country who put up with this kind of disregard to national pride? Is it not us who spit on walls, dump garbage on roads, vandalize public property, allow public money to be wasted on indefinite projects? The CWG preparations is nothing but an exponent of all of this, and it appears to hurt now because someone is holding up a mirror to see our sorry selves.