Sunday, February 07, 2010

Where Have I Been...??

My last post was in May 11,2009. That makes it exactly 272 days, or which is exactly
38 weeks and 6 days. Oh and just FYI ( for all those not into corporate acronym, FYI = For Your Information ) I didn't calculate the difference, instead found a site that has a script that does that for you.

Anyway that is sure a long a time, which flew past without me even knowing it. And where was I all this time? Away from home most certainly, working, but not away from technology or the internet. Was I having far too much fun to have completely detached myself from cyberspace? Not really. Did I forget my Google password, and could not remember the answer to the secret question? Not that either. The answer lies somewhere else.

I could have blogged, photoshop-ed, made flash movies, web pages, PHP, AJAX etc all of this time, but somehow the intent to do something new, original or creative had most certainly dried up. Maybe because of my work, which for most of the time ( nearly 98%) involves doing mundane routine work, or cleaning up someone Else's mess, or giving reasons ( actually excuses ) for what went wrong for absolutely no fault of mine ( which is a perfectly valid excuse. So is "It was already broken when I got here". More on this soon.... stay tuned).

However that is no excuse for not doing what i used to like ( even though I might not be so good at it). Its just that not doing anything at the end of the day seems like a good enough finish to an otherwise event less day.

Getting back to the old ways was important, for getting in touch with people, and to do stuff and learn, as well as Blogging. And thus my new resolution to get back into cyberspace, by applying for Internet connection at home. Although its hard to revive the old brain cells, most of which I have managed to kill by now. Lets see how it goes... but for now clearing my Gmail inbox of the 2956 unread emails, has become a "favorite" pass time.

P.S. Curious to know where exactly have I got a farm as mentioned by emails from Facebook....


Manikandan said...

Woah!! A post after such a long time!! I suppose your last post went something like "Behind the firewall??" Looking forward to your next post :)

Visu said...

Gone are those days dude. sigh!! ... And yes, FB said someone has gifted me a cow but it hasn't arrived yet. Any clue? ;)

Anonymous said...

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don't quit and also keep penning because it just simply very well worth to follow it.
impatient to look into way more of your own posts, have a good day ;)

Rachel said...

Well, days are lost. No rewind button right :(