Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh - Bama...!

First of all I am happy that George Bush is not the President of the United States any more*. And second, i am happy that George Bush is not the president of the United States anymore**. And finally, i am happy for Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

And i guess he is black too. Not that it should make a difference, or be even considered as a statistic or a record. But i suppose it is a big deal, and gives a lot of hope to many in America. As well as a reason to celebrate for those who share their roots with him, back in Kenya.
He does have quite a lot of hot stuff to handle right now. The economic crisis is just one of them, and what a big mess it is. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will soon have to be handled and sorted out, as cleanly as possible. And i bet there are several other diplomatic and political problems to face as well. He has promised a lot to the Americans, frustrated by wars, terrorism and economic problems . And everyone hopes that he delivers...! The rest of the world will definitely be keenly watching his every move..!

Well anyway, all his half brothers, cousins, uncles as well as rest of Kenya will be rejoicing with this victory. Why wont they be? Its probably the biggest opportunity that a man of Kenyan origin could get..!
India is already going over board to ensure that we remain good "pals" with the US and Mr.Obama. I bet, no cost will be spared, and no stone left unturned.. etc etc. And the Obama-mania in India was almost really surprising. This is not the political support that i am talking about, but the common people...! Not only was there immense support, but there were poojas  being offered for his win..! Like the prayers in a Hanuman temple and lucky charms being sent over to him. One temple somewhere even claimed to have predicted the assassination attempt on Obama. I sure wish the Gods use a bit of their powers over here too...!

As they say, being the "Leader of the free world" is not child's play. There are serious issues to be handled. Mr. Bush of course handed his national duties really well, in between his long vacations. After all, its not so easy to round up cattle and work out America's anti-terrorist strategy at the time...! I suppose Mr. Obama is not so good at multitasking. As he had claimed "change has come to America". Everyone hopes the same too.

*Not that i don't like Bush personally or anything, its just that i have seen too many documentaries that show him to be incompetent and a liar.
**Put the above statement in 2 'for' loops.


Visu said...

Yes, I too loathe GWB... Huh. And, congrats Mr.Obama, "the change". He definitely has some skills, He has proved the so called 'Bradley Effect' wrong... Lets see what happens next ! :)

the way i view said...

v must b proud tat some indians r also part of obama team.. where d indian obamaniacs r looking for d "CHANGE" in US economy..obama cares for d kashmir prob in india...

a big O to OH-BAMA!!!

Visu said...

Oh, i just saw the fine print.. "Two for loops".. ROFL. I know the funda, I know, I know !! :)

Aslam said...


I agree that it sure is gr8 to find some Indians in his team.

Now we know how the Kenyan's are feeling..! But their happiness will be even greater quite obviously...!


of course.. i knew u wud catch the funda..! ;)