Friday, November 14, 2008

The Devils are Advocates..!

Any one I am sure would agree to the fact that our law system and judiciary are one of the worst functioning bodies in the country. We never have much respect for the law -  and we make it a point to safely break as many as possible. As for those who are well read with the subject of law - the lawyers - don't have too much of respect for it either. As it turns out they learn law only to find ways to break it. No wonder most turn out to become politicians ( read as criminals ). Lawyers are quite plainly associated to be liars and criminals. And judges are assumed to be corrupt and inefficient. This doesn't mean everyone is like this. Just that the general  perception is such. And unfortunately its true most of the time.

So why this sudden interest regarding the lawlessness in the country? That's because, I like many others, just had the opportunity to see ( on TV  of course ) some hideous acts of violence amongst aspiring lawyers, at the Dr. Ambedkar law college in Chennai. In case you missed it,  check out the Link. The visuals were quite barbaric and it was difficult to imagine those hooligans to be lawyers or even students..! If that's how they usually behave, one might as well imagine how well they respect the law. Ok forget the law, at least for humanities sake they should have taken some pity on those getting  pounded mercilessly.

It was terrible to see guys getting beaten so bad, and continuing to get beaten even after losing consciousness. And these were lawyers -  supposed to be educated and all. Oh heck, who am i kidding. Fine, they were future politicians. Now that sounds a lot better, right..? Yes dirty politics it is..!  As a matter of fact, there is a high amount of polarization amongst the law college students. They are divided intentionally on caste and political basis. All done so by politicians, in order to groom the next generation of political cadres. All this violence and hate has been sowed by the political set up, which warrants them to hate each other in order to maintain the sanctity of communal politics.

Now coming to another part, which is highlighted more than the other, is the inaction of the police. Unfortunately it seems the police being mute spectators was the largest crime at the scene, on that day. By doing this they are actually trying to evade the fundamental problem and the reasons behind such violence. To put it in perspective, imagine if the police entered the premises, lathi charged a few rioters and brought calm to the place, then the next day's headlines would have been "Brutal police attack innocent law students". And all the political parties would have staged a protest outside the Commissioner's office against police brutality. Yes that's India for you. Police is actually being made a scapegoat, in order to evade the major issues ,like always. The main issue is the political influence in these colleges, and dirty communal politics. But no politician seems to make a comment on purifying educational institutions off such political hatred. As for the police - who made them this way? Isn't it the way things are around here? Aren't the police always mute spectators to crimes? conclude, law makers breed lawyers who break the law in front of law enforcers. In order to change things around here, all this frivolous wastage of talent needs to be curbed by channelizing the hate into something more productive. And that requires a lot change in these people's attitude. So a request to all political leaders - dont nurture hatred to serve your own needs. Instead unite the people and create a caste-less, division less India.
Jai Hind


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