Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mission to the Moon...!!

Well, it may have been quite a while since someone showed interest to visit our nearest celestial neighbor -  the Moon. So on 22 October, 6:20 AM IST mission Chandrayaan-I will be launching off to explore the moon's surface, untouched by an Indian Spacecraft ever. In fact its the first time an Indian spacecraft is going so far away form the Earth. Sending back a lot of knowledge about the the celestial body and hoping to break new grounds in planetary explorations. Also the knowledge acquired will be shared with the entire world.

The mission objectives as quoted by ISRO are to map the surface of the Moon and to conduct mineral analysis. As well as to deliver numerous ground support stations and facilities on the moon's surface. These are supposed to aid in future moon missions by making available a usable basic infrastructure. Many equipments going to be set up on the surface have been contributed by many space agencies across the globe. This is indeed a global initiative and all of them are eagerly awaiting for the success of this mission.

India's ISRO is one of the fore runners in space technology, and is doing good business in the space in commercial space programs. And this is just another feather in ISRO's cap...! The next step, i guess would be to send an Indian to moon or even further..!! Eagerly awaiting to see that day..!!

Well, space is the final frontier, and has been the stuff of fantasies for many many years. When it comes to space, aliens, inter-dimensional vortex etc etc, there is no such thing as over imagination..!! Anything and everything is OK as far as space goes..! Whether creepy eyed alien beings bidding to conquer us or space tele-portation and humongous space ships, nothing seems illogical..! That is because we know such little about it..! So lets bend it the way we want it..!Great fun..!!

Ever since man showed some sort of a logical capacity, from the birth of civilization thousands of years ago, he has been pondering about the space and its various objects. Yet till now we hardly know even a tiny percentage of it..!! And it will take probably many more for us to know even know what we are dealing with..! For now just let our imagination, computer games and Hollywood fuel our space conquest missions...!!

We were given one planet to live on - Earth, and we have ravaged and abused it to a great extent. And continually doing so, in spite of knowing the damage that we are causing...! I guess, upon occupying any other planet (if we are able to do so) we would be doing the same to it..! Slowly eliminating the local populace and populating the planet with more humans..! Well we certainly are capable of doing so...!

Anyway, all that is too far ahead...! As for now lets "conquer" the moon in the name of science and claim it on the behalf of entire humanity ( if it has not been already done so). Just hoping that the weather stays clear  during the launch...!!

Oh which reminds me, here is another mission objective..! Find out if the Americans really landed on then moon or was it all just a scam..?
For more information and technical stuff check out this link :
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Visu said...

Indians, and also the Chinese are supposed to be the pioneers in space science. Unfortunately, the current situation(with the US dominating) is apparently due to the downfall that had happened in the late 17th century. Reasons as they say are political, social and cultural issues. One major problem is the Finance, its not a big deal otherwise(we have innovative minds, definitely).Well, whatever.. Now, we are climbing up.. With china's spacewalk and India's Chandrayaan..
I hope this turns out to be a big success...!
And oh, yeah i have also seen that moon hoax documentary, well well well, is it a conspiracy? We gonna find out soon..! Watch out you bloody Texan! :P

Aslam said...

Yes its one of the positive signs of emerging super powers... Space conquest..!
Thats what the Russians and the Americans competed for during the cold war...!
And now its the turn of emerging powers to show their proficiency and might in this field...!

Anonymous said...

It was really a huge accomplishment by India in the Space sector the first drone to Moon is something which makes us Boast..I expect more and more Chandrayaan to take from Sriharikota

Anonymous said...

Hey aslam I would like to contradict some things of my previous comment and append some more things I was overwhelmed first when I saw the TV News and Post(Good work)-->I think its all good to do Space research but b4 doing something which incurs heavy Money and resources I think they could think about the people who don't have shelter/food--->But no doubt it is a Great Accomplishment having an Indian drone in the space..This struck to me when I saw the news that evening the first Headlines was Chandraayan successfully launched and the second news was 4 Children and their Family committed Suicide because of pauperization they didn't have enough money to even make a proper shelter for themselves-->I thought in both the way and I think they could take care of the People and then they can do

Aslam said...

Well... if one wants to help the poor by sacrificing something else, why not it be something like cutting down defense spending...

OR why not ask cricketers to help the poor or something like that..

The mission might seems wasteful, but definitely not the most wasteful... After all ISRO is not a charity organization... They are supposed to involve in space exploration and stuff... Imagine a world without satellite communication.. see how much it has helped everyone - rich or poor. Similarly i believe this mission is for the sake of humanity only..

there are definitely numerous other ways to help the poor. Sacrificing the mission is definitely not the solution...!

seshadri said...

Yeah may be if you think it that way what would happen to the world technology without a satellite it might sound like that..Surely an Individual I mean as you said a Cricketer will never get indulge in any Social Service sort of thing!!!I am not telling that you help the poor and don't launch rockets...May be government should atleast pour some pity on those people..I think my Arguement on this would go 50-50 when it put in front of masses..But yeah I completely agree with you Sacrificing the mission is not a Solution--->It may be a "No other Go" Solution--->But what made me comment that way was the Television news--->May be they should have Put up the news in a different Order :) Thanks Man