Sunday, September 14, 2008

Terrorism Rears its Ugly Head Again

It happened again. This time in the national capital, Delhi. Just when things appear to be a bit calm, things from no where came up and ruined the precious moments of peace. The lives lost are priceless, and the sorrow inconsolable. 

We are among the several, countries that are living in a constant threat of dastardly intentions from these rogue elements. Those responsible are in no way proving any point. For what they did this is absolutely without any reason or justification. Spilling the blood of innocent people is one of the most easiest, and the only way employed by these COWARDLY SWINES...! I guess its the pleasure obtained from doing such acts, rather than any objective that drive such maniacs to do evil. 

Being in one of the terror hot spots of the world is no easy job. Stepping out everyday is almost the same as going in combat in a war zone. In fact the terrifying remains of Delhi's blast look nothing less than a ravaged battle field. But, we Indians are quite strong. Whether it was Bangalore or Ahmadabad, things got back into gear in a very short time. People began to live their normal lives very soon. I am sure Delhi will too, very quickly.People will soon come out to shop and go to work as if nothing had happened. After all it takes more than these pathetic attempts to shake our morale. So those trying to push through their point of violence have failed miserably. 

To carry out these inhuman crimes in the name of God is even more disgusting. Well, if there is any such thing as God then i guess he/she/it is powerless to control his/her/its biggest mistake -  creation of humans. Its in moments such as these that have made me realize that the presence of a superior being is absent. Because i don't think the so called benevolent being would stand for such atrocities. If God does stand for all this, then I believe he/she/it is not a God at all. God has either got to be this side or the other. If God is not protecting innocent people, then i suppose he/she/it is on the other side. Or maybe protecting people is not on his/her/its nature of duties. May lightening strike me down for saying this... or some similar crap. Anyway, religion which was suppose to civilize man has been cunningly manipulated by him to justify these horrific acts, ultimately leading him to a be ruthless barbarian. 

Not to be too critical of the security services, they do tend to become a bit complacent after a while. But India is a huge country, and shares its borders with many "friendly" nations. Some of the rotten individuals are even home grown. And with readily available Do-it-yourself bomb making lessons online, its difficult to maintain an air tight security. 

Media of course is doing a very "fine" job. Repeatedly showing grief stricken crying relatives, and bloody blast sites. 24 Hours in-your-face coverage, and debates on why it happened as well as occasionally raising some really irrelevant issues ( Like the issue of Sivraj Patil changing clothes 3 times within 3 hours of the blast, being shown on a particular "news" channel) . Well... its their job, and after all its a 24 hour channel. News like this is like extra cream on their cakes...!

The human loss incurred by those around the world, due to hatred and violence, can't be compensated by any means. But time is the best healer and eventually people do move on. Will there ever be a time of eternal peace? Not possible till there is a creature called man.



Philip Kingsley said...

When you think about god, then you must also think about satan. My point is only if we go to god for help,.. Only then he can help us... Media are doing a good job? Thats great to hear media covering the grief of the people. But no one even tries to help the government by bringing about a solution. If you say the its not the duty of the media, i like to tell you one thing First don't be selfish. I.e. Don't just think about yourself. Don't ask what the government did for you. Ask what you did for the government. You can replace the word govt by india. If media with the power of running the country is just being dumb of bringing about a solution just for the sake that the party they support should be in rule. And those who support the rulers don't find time to find a solution but only to praise themselves for the atrocities they do...

Aslam said...

I was actually being sarcastic when i was saying that about the media doing a "fine" job..!! Too bad u didn't get it.. what i meant was, they have to run a 24 hr news channel for which they continue to show those gruesome scenes 24 hrs a day... how else do they earn money...? Media can't bring any solution.. only the people and society can...! Media is just a tool...

I am being selfish..? In what way..? i feel sorry for the many who continue to suffer at the hands of terrorism, so i am selfish is it..??

Anyway.. apparently even god is selfish too ( according to u ).. will help only those who beg in front of him/her/it..!! Thats sad.. because some of them who died were too young to even know what God is..!

But don't u agree that the world would be a paradise if there were no humans..??

Visu said...

"Don't ask what the government did for you. Ask what you did for the government."

Well, I have nominated a dodo head as a public servant and damn, I am paying Taxes !!!!

Philip Kingsley said...

Do you want god to help bad guys??? they might be growing. But their fall is sudden. No one knows when....

OOPs.sorry...Its Not you(ie as aslam) i meant for general public who always ask the government to help them without themselves co-operating with the government. It can refer to anyone who is disobeying the rules of the government right from putting the helmet to doing a murder. Dammit my words!!!

Do u want god to help the bad people? sometimes good people also die with the bad(side effects :D). When god stops things from happening, you will never know that there was such a possibility. at times he acts in such a way that there's no harm but u will know it. like in ahmedabad.

@visu: lol.. its not that way. its about stuff other than that.. like cooperating with givernment in obeying the rules they impose. we should try to avoid doing any crime or cheating.

Aslam said...

"Do u want god to help the bad people?"... well.. the point that i wish to make is that people doing evil in the name of god is really ridiculous..!

The least bit that god can do is at least give a press interview or a newspaper advertisement saying that god is not responsible for it..!! Is that too much to ask..?? :P

Bhargavi said...

Everybody is busy making money.. politicians, media, u, me.. everybody! Only if we are affected by such things do we realise the actual pain and suffering.

Sitting at home, watching news, feeling sorry for the victims, saying'tchu tchu tchu' is not gonna help in any way. But we can do nothing more than that... we don't want to.

'...sometimes good people also die with the bad(side effects :D)...'
:o Thats unfair.. but still.. how else can he/she/it keep a check on the population :D

God may/may not exists. Some ppl call 'luck' as 'blessing'... the last minute miracle that happens to save some ppl.

Reminds me of 'Dasavatharam' climax! :D

All of us believed in God when we were younger. But after certain incidents in our lives, we started to question the existance of him/her/it.

What must happen will happen.
Everything happens for a reason.

I thought the post is about terrorism :P

You-know-who :) said...

Vaazhkaiya yosingada, thala yezhutha nalla vasingada.

Aslam said...


Yes this post was abt terrorism, but then sometimes religion is one of the prime reasons that such atrocities are committed...

As for luck...hmm.. well.. the feeling is often there that "Thank God.. I am safe.. my family and friends are safe... it happened so far away from me..." etc etc... instead of any feeling of sadness for those who were the victims..