Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Law of Natural Selection

Natural Selection, as proposed by Darwin, is the process by which nature selects the strongest to carry on their genes to the next generation. Or aptly stated as Survival of the fittest. Man already has reached a point at which physical changes have ceased. Though natural selection still continues.

Nature normally eliminates the weakest or the sick from the pack. In case of man in the modern era there is a third angle to it - Economical fitness. So lets not ponder upon the elimination of the physically weak, as that has been going on ever since the first microbe wriggled on the planet. As for selection based on economic factors, it happens quite obviously, due to the economic disparity. Those weak in this are are naturally selected for elimination by other fellow men and nature as well. Here other than genes that are passed, social status and wealth are passed on too.

Poor people are driven to less comfortable places where they are ravaged frequently by nature itself - like storms, cyclones, floods, earthquakes etc. And how do they end up in these places..?? Through a long process of natural selection that forces them to be in a certain place where the rich think is appropriate for them. Lots of examples to cite : Bihar ( India ) has frequent floods, Louisiana (US) has frequent Hurricane...etc. These are just some examples of how poor people are pushed or kept in areas that are subject to nature's brutality. Yet they remain there because no one cares as much.

Its not always that nature hits the final nail in the coffin. Man sometimes does the final elimination himself too. For instance in the armed forces, its mostly ( not always ) that its the families of the poor who send their kids off to fight. Since those who can afford a better life choose not to do so. In parts Africa, hunger, disease and ethnic clashes has resulted in one of the most pathetic existence of humans, thus marking them for elimination. Most civil societies favour the rich and the powerful, while the poor are neglected. Justice systems are influenced by the rich, while the poor man's voice are forcibly suppressed.

In spite of all this disparity within the species, the so called "weak" ones still manage to survive. That's the determination and strength of the humans. In spite of their toils most are able to pass on their "poor people" genes to future generations. Its probably with their vast numbers that they depend on for their survival. As a matter of fact the superior ones want the weak to survive in order to use ( read as exploit ) them. That's why they ( they refers to a handful who are mostly indifferent to the plight of the poor / some politicians ) occasionally lend a hand to save them, in order to just make use of their service. Quite obviously , their loyalty too sways in the direction of those who show even the slightest bit of compassion towards them, even if its just a farce.

OK... this might not include everyone, but still its a valid point that some of the lowest in the ranks are vital to the survival of the species as a whole. They are the farmers, construction workers, menial laborers etc. They are like the worker ants of a colony. Not as important as the queen or as powerful as the soldier. Yet have a vital role in the survival of the colony. But we cant think of human being as ants, can we...?? We are a lot more complex and have the ability to choose our actions. Being indifferent to others unfortunately comes quite easily, but reaching out sincerely with a helping hand, without any ulterior motive, takes a lot out of a Man. Too bad that such angelic souls are very few and quite hard to find....

*Please Note: Here man refers to mankind as a whole, thus including women as well.


Visu said...

As one Mr.Rajinkanth, the "philanthropic arm" and the better-known-as-actor said, "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer". As one might easily guess and like you said, the Rich wanted to "use" them to the fullest. They are not given chances and only at this junctior I feel the reservation system is doing some good.

Its easy to preach than practice that Education will bring them up, but the term 'Unemployment' gives them(poor) a thought and when it comes to a matter of survival Vs taking-chances-for-betterment, they go for the former. Yes, child labor is still prevalent in India.(Note that its a crime!). The free lunch and Egg provided in Govt schools attracted some decent amount of children, but then, is it safe for the child? Not sure. Damn corruption everywhere!

Like you said, there are few good souls who actually care for their betterment. But those organizations run are a lot dependent on monetary donations. Sadly, people go dump their "donations" in the Tirupathi Hundi.What the. (Ahan, No blasphemy!).

And hey, Nature knows not the rich and the poor, Its just that rich evade, leaving behind poor the victims of the wrath of mother nature. I don't know what gave a thought their lives are inferior. An oh, the allowances that govt make are totally brilliant: A colour TV for every house in the slum. Do they actually need one? What about concrete houses? or atleast they could move them off shore. Well, expecting such things from a Govt is worse than expecting Yuvi to hit a sixer of mendis. :P

"Poor people are driven to less comfortable places where they are ravaged frequently by nature itself - like storms, cyclones, floods, earthquakes etc.

Ironically, you need to be filthy rich to reside on the shores of Besant nagar. :P

Well dude, this is too intricate for my subnormal knowledge.
Farmers dying of hunger, cabinet minister opening up a posh restaurant- Guns and Roses, It all happens here.

Ah well, Its always easy as said than done. Hypocrites. (That includes me, I don't know how much i can do favor to this issue)

Lets hope the future sees a better place for this people. After all, 'Hope' and 'Poverty' are the two abundant things we have here in India.

Vande Mataram.

Visu said...

And hey, your P.S. I know who do you mean, I know, I know. :P

All hail !!! :)

Bhargavi said...

Poor people are forced to live in unsafe places and this is the reason why most of them who die during natural disasters are the poor people.

Kids from rich families also choose to join the army.. but the difference is that they study accordingly and reach high positions in the army. Whereas the kids from poor families work in the lower cadre which is obviously prone to more danger.

Though the so-called backward classes are provided with reservations, it'll not make the 'Big Difference' thats needed.
'Give a hungry man a fish; he'll be hungry tomorrow. Teach him how to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime'
Instead of depending on the reservations, it would be better if the poor children get better education right from primary school, so that they can compete well with students from the so-called high class.

So I feel that the govt. should concentrate more on improving the standards of govt. schools instead of giving free colour TVs and thereby promoting 'their business'.

Poor people are often exploited by politicians, who force them to join their political rallies to show their 'mass' :D

There have been some initiatives towards the betterment of poor children's education(like the recent Chennai Marathon) but most people are quite indifferent towards all this(that includes me)

Lets HOPE that things will get better..

Bhargavi said...

@ aslam n visu
Paavigala.. :P
I thought that topic was over long back! Unga kitta konjham ushaara irukkanum.. :D

'Being indifferent to others unfortunately comes quite easily, but reaching out sincerely with a helping hand, without any ulterior motive, takes a lot out of a Man'

So nice of you to unconditionally include women also in things like being cruel and indifferent...

God Bless You! ;)

Visu said...

Bhargavi, you are impeaching on us without any reason. Enna panradhu, satya sodhana. O:)