Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Big will the Bang be..??

Today, that is on the 10th of September, scientists will be attempting to recreate the "Big Bang" event, at the Swiss-French border. Yes, to recreate the event which gave birth to the entire universe. Atleast, thats the theory. Truly a one of a kind experiment, which would allow the scientists to see never before seen particles, elements and objects such as the black hole and inter dimensional worm holes...! All at a small and manageble scale. Hopefully everything is well contained and in control...! Apparently it has also been speculated that the experiment could even lead to the End of the World..!! Just imagine the whole world getting sucked into a black hole inside out..!! Gasp..!! Ahhh well... 
According to the sources, the experiment is roughly as follows : 
At a purpose-built underground centre near Geneva, the scientists are carrying out limited tests on a multi-million euro machine called the Large Hadron Collider. The ultimate aim is to recreate conditions that existed immediately after the Big Bang.The team hopes to pinpoint dark matter, the name given to unseen particles thought to exist all around us and throughout space.
The experiment, which began this morning, involves smashing protons - one of the building blocks of matter - into each other at velocities only a fraction less than the speed of light.
In the flashes from the collisions, scientists expect to reproduce conditions that existed during the first billionth of a second after the Big Bang at the birth of the universe.
Anyway, this $10 billion experiment, has scientists from across the world on the edge of their seats. Around 2000 scientists are participating in it, of which 200 are from India alone..!! Awesome..! I do hope it goes off well, and that all of us are alive ( and in the same dimension ) to learn from it. Maybe even find solutions to the mysterrious universe and even locate other planterary life. Well... sounds nice.  But is it possible to pull it through..? At least the scientists involved are quite optimistic about the possibilities of the science project. The complete results however will be known only by 2009. Whew...  Till then the process will be going on, and the energy involved in it, will continue to grow. A ticking time bomb..?? On the other hand there are skeptics who have even filed a law suit against going ahead with it, due to the dangers that it is likely to pose. Others just shun it as an expensive scam..!
So.. end of the world, apocolypse, judgement what you want?? Could this be it..? Well... i am hoping not, because there are a lot of things that I still haven't tried out. Like Bungee jumping, sky diving, crocodile wrestling, swimming with the Great white shark etc to name a few, which inadvertantly will lead to my own doom. Well, next time they plan to end the world, i need atleast a year's notice...!! But anyway, if its not this experiment that will end our existence, something else like global warming or nuclear Armageddon will lead us to our doom...!! Atleast in the other cases we have an early warning, and a reasonably good chance to save ourself. Well... maybe. As for this experiment goes, is all about handling the unknown. Oh and all you religious folks can look to the heavens for some support Lets just hope that this ingenious way to kill us, in the end, turns out to be quite harmless...!! Or it will be the biggest mistake in our entire history. Oh...but who will be there to know about this historical blunder..?? Maybe some three eyed aliens from the planet Zook will get a few laughs out of it...!
To read more about this experiment, check out the following link : 


aarthi said...

Well..As u said,they should have informed long back about such complex experiments.. And even India is part of this..contributed a good amount and scientists too.. Anyways no harm till now.. Wish they find answers.. and come out successfully.. :)

Philip Kingsley said...

the preparations were going on for the past 25 years. It would just a waste of all these funds if they get to prove nothing(not just bigbang).

Srini said...

They r wasting money and making damage to earth. This damage may affect after 1 yr or after 5yrs r even after some years.
I dont think its a good experiment.

Visu said...

I personally think the experiment must go on. The people are not nitwits to shell out such a huge amount, its definitely going to be something productive. :) And yeah,
I do hope we won't be on the staircase to heaven.

And those of you who are worried about the fiasco, Here i have this ACME "Do-it-yourself" Integrator, Don't worry, we can rebuild earth in seconds. :P

the way i view said...

wat v read in physics(big bang theory) n biology (evolution),now d scientist hav preformed in real time...
Hats off!! to their efforts..

the way i view said...

wat v read in physics(big bang theory) n biology (evolution),now d scientist hav preformed in real time...
Hats off!! to their efforts..

Bhargavi said...

The scientists would have taken all precautionary measures before starting the experiment. Lets be optimistic!(as though we have choice)
Hope we get answers..

Bungee jumping n sky diving are fine.. but crocodile wrestling? :o
Come to Mysore dude.. I'll push you into the croc pond.. :P

Aslam said...


Thanks for the warning.. i will try to maintain a good distance away from u near a croc enclosure..!!

Aslam said...


Yeah i suppose all possible calculations would have been made, all precautions taken.. but still its the sort of thing that sci-fi movies are made off...! Something goes wrong somewhere, and the hero ( and possibly a heroin ) save the fate of the entire galaxy ( if such a thing is possible )...!!

So.. as real life and sci-fi begin to merge.. the possibilities are endless..! Who knows, maybe in a few more years we may find the way to warp through millions of light years in a few seconds.. nd reach planet Zook..! Just Imagine..!

Oh and hope for some really path breaking and revolutionary info from the experiment..!

Visu said...

@Aslam and others

Get your copy of H2G2 now itself. :P

Aslam said...

Naah.. i might as well get myself a ACME "Do-it-yourself" Integrator...!!