Friday, August 01, 2008

A Siege within our own walls...

As if we didn't have any problems within the country, now we have the neighbour skirmishing the borders. Hmmm... well, we all know that the neighbour and the terrorists are waging the "war " with the same goal on mind. After all, we all know from where the terrorists get their technical expertise from. Whether they are working together at this particular time or not, is not for me to deduce. Highly possible though. Somehow the human minds work well while planning and executing evil.
Create chaos within the country to demoralize us, and then attack from outside. And i may go as far as to suspect that probably they had a hand in creating the political confusion as well. Ummm.... well...Maybe the idea is a bit far fetched, but thought provoking indeed. Somehow the external aggressor can be tackled comparatively quite easily, because you know when and where they will strike. The internal chaos may be hard to predict and control. The reason for that is the availability of the weapon of choice in abundance - misguided minds. The reason maybe varying - political, religious, economic or plain madness. To diffuse a bomb may be relatively easy, but the meaningless rage in the mind of a few psychotics maybe hard to extinguish.
And just how well are the security forces prepared to tackle the foe? Apparently they are way behind, as was evident in past few days. In fact the entire security system has been ridiculed by the "Hide and seek" drama. Almost unbelievable that such a thing could be pulled through. As if they were toying with the cops. Bombs on trees..??? Huh... what were they trying? Kill a few birds...? If it wasn't for the heinous nature of the event, its good enough to induce a few hours of laughter at least.
There is no miracle way to prevent all the unintentional internal "aid" to these forces of hate. Probably it will take a lot of reforms in the society. Maybe a huge dose of a patriotism. Probably a great secular leader to look up to. Politicians and citizens need to stick together and not allow petty differences to come in between our national pride. Politicians, after all rely on the insignificant differences for their benefits. If they continue to do so, then all that they will be governing over is a dead people. However it still is not assured. Hate does not always arise from misery or neglect. After all, several of the disrupting individuals have a well polished background. One rotten apple can rot the entire bunch, and the rotten apple may arise from the most unsuspecting of the places.
And where does religion fit in all this. Well... i am NOT much of a theist, but i suppose god is never was and never be in control. Ultimately its men who do bad stuff in the name of god. These so called religious leaders know well to issue Fatwas against Sania for wearing a short skirt, Rushdie for penning his thought, against the Vande Mataram, but no such thing against the organizations and individuals that spread hate. How ridiculously convenient, i must say.

Hate will breeds only more hate. Violence does NOT solve any problems, in fact it creates more. And as said "Only the dead have seen the end of the war". Unfortunately we all are in this open war. Here fight does not involve violence, but refers to resisting and standing united against misguided evil, and sticking to our basic human nature.
"I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill." Mohandas K Gandhi

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