Sunday, August 10, 2008

One World One Dream

That is the motto chosen by China for this edition of the Olympics...! And what a truly spectacular opening ceremony the Chinese put up..! Their years of tradition and culture reflecting in their efforts. The whole world was awed by the way they set off one of the most awaited sporting festival of the year...!! The effects, stunts and the fireworks were some of the most incredible stuff that I had ever seen. It was a sign of what they are capable of. It was a sign of even more breathtaking performance by the Chinese athletes...! Fielding one of the largest contingent, they are determined to prove a point to the world...!! They are here to show that they can beat the world, the best of the best.

Watch out world : Here come China...!!!
It must have been truly spectacular moment for each of the 10,500 athlete to be present in the middle of such fan fare. Being watched by 100,000 at the National Stadium and billions through their TV sets. They were the central focus, and not the world leaders, who just got glimpses of lime light. It was only the athletes that mattered, big or small, they were the stars, and will be so for the next few days...!! Awaiting to see records tumble and some of the most awesome performances by them. Yet all within the grasp of human achievement, in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.

Truly there can be no better way to celebrate humanity. A congregation of people shoulder to shoulder, irrespective of culture, race, language, religion, nations or color. Justifying the motto :

"One World One Dream".

Official Website Of the Beijing Olympics:

Check out these pictures of the Opening ceremony:


Visu said...

Aargh, I missed the opening ceremony. Anyway, Obviously, it must have been fabulous as usual.. *sigh*
And yeah, China is the top gun every time. :)

Philip Kingsley said...

I Missed it too...

Aslam said...

Ok... so what..?? u could have watched it on the news...!! what is the thing that keeps u guys so busy otherwise..??

Visu said...

I was in the ground as usual. I have no idea about philip. :P

Brian Barker said...

"One World - One d
Dream" is a great public relations slogan, but what does it mean?

I also see that the Beijing Olympics has appointed an Esperanto translator and that CRI now broadcast in Esperanto.

What does this mean?

Evidence can be seen at

Visu said...