Friday, August 15, 2008

Independence.... Do we value it enough??

Its August 15th, our Independence day. But do we really feel, what it is supposed to invoke within all of us. A feeling of patriotism..?? Or is it just another reason to get a day off from school or work...?? Well, the really regretful fact is that we just don't feel that in us anymore. The reason being that we don't realize how precious something us, until we lose it. The younger generation is obsessed with money, and care little about social and national interests. The love and concern for the country and the country men is apparently absent in the youth of today. We just have it all to easy for us. Freedom was just handed to this current generation, so we don't know what it means to us.

That sense can only be inculcated in young minds, through regular doses of patriotism. And by being patriotic doesn't mean dragging little kids out on cold mornings, parading them around the ground, hoisting the flag and then give them sweets. Just imagine what kind of impression is being put on them. The idea in those innocent heads is that the price for getting them to salute the flag so early in the morning, is the measly 5oPaise sweet. If that is their idea, then the society has failed in their duty to explain it to them, what it really means. Instead of subjecting them to such treatments, and just telling them that we got our independence, why not tell them the real significance of the day. Where we would be without our independence, difficulties we would be in, our heroes.... etc etc. But not make it too boring, to make them doze of. Maybe hire one of those guys in dinosaur suit to put up a show for them. Our educationists make our studies itself so boring, expecting them to be creative in such an attempt might be a bit too much to ask.

Forget the kids for now, look at the grown ups ( obviously kids brought up in the above mentioned way ). Just because they feel lazy to come on a holiday to raise the flag and salute it, they hoist the flag a day before...!! What an idea...! Well... for me that is nothing less that a mockery of the entire essence of the independence DAY. Its supposed to be on that particular day. Its not Independence week, or Independence dayS, where they have a choice to do it over a period of time. Sheesh... why do you even take the pain then????

And where is the spirit and the enthusiasm? Do you see a dull Diwali or a dull Ramzan or a dull Christmas celebration...?? Are they not celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendor..?? Why is that absent in such days of national importance? Is it any lesser reason to celebrate? After all it has been just 6 decades since we got it, unlike the reasons for the other festivities, which happened ( or said to have happened ) thousands of years ago.

As a matter of fact, its not just hoisting the flag, or saluting it that shows your patriotism. It must be a feeling from within that binds us all who are Indians. It is a time when we look beyond our cultural, religious and linguistic differences. Its a time to be united and stand up to the fear, suffering and injustice in the society. However all is not lost. There are still some moments when we all come together invlountarily, along with the nation to celebrate... such as the recent lone Gold Medal. Those are the rare moments that we all cherish irrespective of the differences. Yes, all we need is a reason to bring that spirit in us. And we need as many reasons as we can get...!! We need good role models in society. During the days of the struggle, they used to be brave honest political leaders. But now... well.. you know how it is. Though there are a few good public figures even now, whom we all can emulate. The problem is that good people aren't allowed to do good. Because there is always someone who wants to do good to themselves, rather than for the overall good of the nation.

So lets not just treat it as a day just to laze around and watch TV. Instead, put in some thought about how fortunate we are, that someone else has fought for us, and given us something so valuable. The least that we can do is to follow a few ideals that the great nation was founded upon...!!
Jai Hind..!!


Visu said...

Brilliant post. Same thoughts here. (Wise men think alike, don't they? ;) )

I'd totally agree with you.The Youth have no idea what it is. Damn them. As you said, it has to be taught from the childhood. But who is doing that? Media? Not at all. I seriously don't know why they play a crappy vijay Movie on an Independence day. I mean,WTF it has to do with the day. They could have a small docu on the great leaders or atleast a small talk-show about the past.

The very thought that was preached from the childhood is "Study more, Earn more".If you can't get it here, go abroad and get the shit out of it. What.The Hell.
(It reminds me of the song "Ye Jo des he tera").

And hey, hoisting the flag a day before? Do they actually do that?
Hell, whats the point then? Better don't don't hoist it at all.This is not a mandatory ritual after all. Why do you worry then? Arse.

Politics is too intricate in India. There are hardly one or two in a thousand of politicians who are altruistic. And yes, a rotten apple rots the bunch.

Well, I don't know who to impeach.
Lets hope everything changes soon.

Yours remorsefully,
Harried citizen.

Vande mataram.

Bhargavi said...

"...The idea in those innocent heads is that the price for getting them to salute the flag so early in the morning, is the measly 5oPaise sweet..."
/:) has this got anything to do with me? i better remove that sentence from my blog.. :D

yeah.. the main reason beind this is that we are not taught what the independence day significe.
Hoisting the flag a day before.. thats dishonour to the country.
Winning medal in the olympics, war at the border, natural disasters.. only all these remind us that we are Indians.
'..all we need is a reason to bring that spirit in us. And we need as many reasons as we can get..'
i got only these many.. :(
Hope we get many more reasons to celebrate our country's day!
Vande Mataram!!