Monday, August 11, 2008

Abhinav Bindra: India's Golden Boy..!!

It seems my prayers as well as of the prayers of the one billion population has finally been answered. We have finally a reason to celebrate a sportsman, and that reason is not cricket. An incredible win at the 10m Air Rifle event and it must have taken more than mere prayers for Abhinav Bindra to achieve this. India finally clinches an Olympic gold after 28 years and its first ever in an individual event. Really it came as a pleasant surprise when i happened to see the news on television. At a time when everyone least expected, we have made it to the medals tally on the just the 3rd day of the games...!!

For those of you who missed it, here is the points table of the finals of the 10m Air Rifle event. And see how close the competition was...!! Amazing..!
1. Abhinav Bindra (India) 700.5
2. Zhu Qinan (China) 699.7
3. Henri Hakkinen (Finland) 699.4
4. Alin George Moldoveanu (Romania) 698.9
5. Konstantin Prikhodtchenko (Russia) 698.4
6. Peter Sidi (Hungary) 698.4
7. Stevan Pletikosic (Serbia) 697.7
8. Serguei Kruglov (Russia) 697.0

To hear the national anthem played at the Olympics, was one of the most glorious moment ever for any Indian. It was historical event for Indian and the sports in India. Could this be signs of more such glory to come? will it encourage a sporting culture which has not been seen in India. Is it time to forget about cricket for a while and sweep it under the carpet? Will it encourage more youngsters to follow his steps? Will it help to improve our sporting infrastructure? Will more parents in India encourage thier kids to be professional sportsmen? I sure do hope so.

Abhinav has shown to us all, what it takes to achieve at such a huge stage. Determination, hard work and nerves of steel. He has been through a lot of ups and downs in his career, but did not let that stop him. Showing little emotion, his smile spoke of his great feat. Since those who succeed, have little need to say anything. Their actions speak loud and clear. He has scripted one of the finest moments of Olympic history. The whole nation, without even knowing what the game is all about, is celebrating with the young fellow. Surely this will boost the morale of the other Indians at the games, and who knows, a few more might just be on the cards. Truly a heroic performance...!!

Chak De India...!!


Visu said...

Yes, A great moment Indeed. India marking its presence in the medal tally right away with a Gold Medal, Whoa!!! .. I wish more such things to happen.

Vande Mataram !

Bhargavi said...

yeah.. really proud of bindra!!
hope India gets many more 'golden boys n gals' :D

the way i view said...

Bindra - he s INDIA's pride.
wish india get more gold medals!!
jai hind