Sunday, August 24, 2008

1G 0S 2B

Yes, that is the final medal count of India. None more can be hoped or wished for. Its definitely a lot better than what most of us expected out of this event. Seriously, how many would expected such a result...?? Our aspirations definitely did go up and down during the course of the tournament. We began to expect a possible Gold from every Indian, after a medal was won from a formerly invisible Indian sportsman...!

A country of ONE Billion population just managing 3 medals, speaks a lot about us as a sporting nation. But taking nothing away from those chosen few - Abhinav, Sushil and Vijender, who saved us from major blushes, i believe the country should have done a lot lot better.

When i see small countries like Jamaica* ( 6G 3S 2B ) whose population is probably just half of that of Chennai**, i cant help but think whats wrong with us? They had such an authority over a particular event that the whole world was amazed. Winning is one thing, but resetting the bar of success is a totally different achievement in its own right...!!! Hats of to the likes of athletes like "Lightening" Bolt.

Where a billion of us taking pride in an overall 3, there is one man who sweeps EIGHT...!! Michael Fred Phelps...! Awesome...! Now that is domination. Totally amazing show of human capability. He delivered, when the whole world, not just his country men, were expecting him to do so. That is remarkable confidence in ones own abilities.

Then, China of course. No matter what i say is not sufficient. Not only did they organize a terrific event. they have put up an even terrific on field performance. They have put up such a huge gap between them and the Americans in the Gold column. Pure domination. How i wish we Indians could emulate them at at least in a few aspects. Truly they are worthy of the whole nation's envy.

Well, these are just a few to speak off. For us, the THREE medals is a remarkable effort in its own terms. Those who brought it are our heroes in every sense. Even those who made a decent effort are to be greatly appreciated. They have braved the odds to stand out. We didn't even know them, let alone the hardships that they must have faced to reach this level. So lets appreciate their efforts, and not push them into oblivion from where no one hears or remembers them.

Not all who dream of succeeding in sports in India, fulfill it. Mostly they just remain as dreams, smothered by over zealous yet empty dreams of engineering, medicine etc. But these few did so. We need more such heroes to celebrate. Till then. we are entitled to celebrate the THREE that we brought home. After all this is the first time that we are coming back with such a huge "haul". So THREE cheers for India.

* Population of Jamaica 2,804,332 (approx)
** Population of Chennai (India) 4,352,932 (approx)

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Philip Kingsley said...

India Has indeed made a record for itself by winning 3 medals... first in indian hostory of olympics... What i cant take in this loympics is that countries like Jamaica and zimbabwe has won india... both have similar population.