Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crushed by the Barrel of Oil - Part 2

For how long can our dependence on fossil fuels go on like this? I think it is high time that we begin to give importance to smaller energy producing sources. The schemes that were suggested to be suitable only for small or rural settlements (like gobar gas, wind mill, solar) need not be looked with the same view any more. With so much energy available for FREE, its just a matter of tapping and utilizing it.

Instead of large corporations controlling and distributing energy, its time that we all took it into our own hands. Every house can contribute to energy production. May it be through, solar, wind, water or bio-fuel. Store and use what each each house requires and share the rest with others. I haven't done the math but i suppose its possible. This might seem quite imaginable at first, but it might work with a few sacrifices like judicious energy consumption, discarding Air Conditioners and so on.

As for mobility, i believe walking and bicycles will fit the bill perfectly. Not only is it clean and cheap, its healthy too. isn't that a great bonus? Even if motor vehicles have to be used then why not put in some more research into bio-fuels? Something which i have heard about 7-8 years back, but yet to see it in real action. Something as simple as car pooling or public transportation can be of great importance too. Solar and hydrogen powered vehicles are no more just in the pages of science fiction.

Well, to put it frankly, there is no other options. Either we peacefully accept the fact and switch over, or switch over after a lot of tantrums. The choice is yours. Either we use our heads to formulate our existence without oil, or get a one way ticket back to stone age.


Visu said...

A lot of research is going on for the substitute for Oil. My friend who works for "Applied Materials" has a project that tries to run motors with a solar controlled micro controller or whatever(I'm not sure).
But truth to be told, R&D teams have already started pondering. At the same time, as said, even though the contribution of ours is just an iota, it still matters and hence we must practice it.(such as solar panels, natural gas etc)

ninju said...

man is never dependant on anything excepth air water and food. this dependance in oil has been created by nations to retain their influence on the world. but check this out man...... i see this shortage as a waker coz man never creates when he is satisfied ...... now he will have a reaason to innovate and look seriously into his innovations. macha in the end remember that oil is a plenty all over the world. check out the figures of saudi or iran for that matter, man is not dependant on it and even if he was i don't see that as the sin.

Aslam Kamal said...

@ninju: yes its a wake up call... and its not too late either. No matter how much ever oil there is left in the world, India will be importing it only. Thus I say, Indians should be on the fore front of any research in this field. Lessening our dependence on it will really strengthen our economy.