Friday, June 01, 2007

Corruption - a sad reality

Corruption has become a part of modern life in our country and affects everyone, one way or the other, whether you like it or not. Either we are a cause of it or are forced to become a part of it, no matter at what level we are. Money for each and every thing. Even for something which is our basic right. Which is delayed or denied, due the lack of ability or unwillingness to pay up those in charge. On the other hand, money can bend the rules and make new inroads into the system or bypass it completely.There is a price for almost anything. Things can be as you want if you are willing to pay the price, no matter how many rules you break or inconvenience you create for others.

It is so easy for those with money and power to bring down the system to its knees. Dictate terms to their liking and get away with anything. It is a rather sorry story.Yet things go on in front of everyone, but nothing is ever done. Unfortunately everything is just assumed to be normal since it is seen everywhere around us. "Everyone pays to get the job done.Why can't I too?" is quite possibly the most natural thought in our minds. Mostly we are all mute spectators. Just watching things in front of us. Yet we seldom try to change or stop it. Rather we quite easily become a part of it. The more money you give to this system to simplify your things, the more the system demands from you. It is a vicious circle. In the end, who is actually affected? If not you then someone else is. Those who can lighten the pocket,all is well,but those with empty pockets have to struggle to get their voices heard.

From food to national defence. Everything has been tainted by corruption.It has throughly vandalized the souls of those who sell their honour for a few rupees more. In our poor nation, where many don't even get one square meal a day, our "leaders" are quite wealthy. Obviously they have ways of getting rich. Somehow all the poor man's money is getting to their laps quite conveniently. They get rich quickly, and that seems to be their ultimate aim. Getting into politics for serving the people seems just like an after thought. I do not wish to generalize here. Not all are corrupt. There still are a few who do what is right, without expecting anything but gratitude. But they are a very rare breed now. It becomes quite difficult to distinguish them. Probably the most popular and widely accepted image of a politician is that of dishonesty and greed. There are far more instances of shame and disgrace that they bring, which overshadows anything good that they ever do. When you think that they can't go any lower than this, there comes anther instance where we are proven wrong. It is a pity.

Then what about our "highly esteemed" judicial system? That which is supposed to protect the
rights of everyone and serve justice, irrespective of who is rich or poor. As it is, our judiciary is very "fast" in delivering justice. But at least it should be justice after such a long wait. However we see that when any high profile case is involved things out of the ordinary never fail to happen. People get bought and stories change. If you got money to give, things go your way and rules start to bend. The guilty is made a victim and the real victim is denied justice. Either the witnesses, prosecuters, the police or who knows, maybe even the judges might be a part of it. For all i can say is these things do happen. Someone with enough money and power can pull a few strings here and there.

If this is the case of the judiciary and the legislature would the law enforcers be any far away. The same story here too. Pay money to get away with anything or to even get your voice heard. But that ain't the worst bit. The police have the authority and the resources to make anyone look like the bad guy,and deal with them in a variety of ways. Often used as a tool to by big shots to get things done.Kind of an alternative to hiring goons. It sort of makes things look very legal, though they are just following the orders of their pay masters. Indeed not everyone is rotten. But serving at such respectable positions, acts like these bring down the credibility of the entire institution, to the ground. People should look up to the cops as protectors and not as a threat. As it may seem, the later is more prominent.

This does not end here. Bureaucrats, civil servants, government contractors and everyone is into this upto their neck. One pays the other above him, who pays the one above him and it goes on till the very top. Here to, this may not apply to all but it is quite difficult to pick the good apples from the lot. To bribe and corrupt has become a way of life and kind of a survival technique. Those who play it well, sadly, get what they want. As for those who still believe in principles of honesty, integrity and righteousness have a very rough time. Our corruption is a matter of national shame. I don't see us becoming a prosperous nation any time sooner with this kind of a scenario. Is money is the only thing important? Is it enough to disgrace your country and those who trust you? The thought of reform must rise from the lowest level in the system....the people. Think. Why do you have to give money for something which is your right in the first place. Your actions may seem inconsequential but in the larger picture it all adds up. The corrupt breed more corrupt. It is a plague. A crime which is nothing less than treason.

Probably one of the simplest thing to ever do is to complain about something. Anyone can do it but rectifying the problem is no easy task. Especially if it is something like the corruption we see today. A start must be made in that direction. When people stop to give, things will, or at least should fall ino place. It will take time. Something so radical as a corruption less country is quite difficult to imagine. After all there is no harm in dreaming.

In the words of a fellow Indian: Corruption is like grease in the machinery. It gets your hands dirty but makes everything smoother.

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