Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reservations is not the solution

It is one of the oldest debates that is held in our country. A country of diversity, social taboos and discrimination. We still classify our country-men into categories and read them out their privileges. Surprisingly, the entire system is very happily accepted and the nation is quite willing to continue this on for ever. It has been over fifty years since the country got independent and yet to certain miserable souls it means nothing, since they are enslaved by their social restraints.

We see political parties become "champions" to the cause of the upliftment of the "socially backward". Quite strangely all the politicians somehow unite and share the same view point on issues like these. The stay on reservations by the Supreme Court for OBCs was one such instance. I mean, there are so many atrocities that take place against the so called "lower caste" that really are demeaning to the basic human dignity. Women and children are abused, treated worse than stray dogs. I don't see any politicians rallying for these causes. They simply turn a blind eye toward these things, pretend everything is all right. That is because people are use to the politicians only in large numbers, like cattle. They will feed the herd which gives them the maximum returns and let the other herd be sent off for slaughter.They will support only that which churns up the maximum votes for them.

Such moves to enable such reservations is a trump card which does so without having to be specific about who their intended target is. Everyone wants to be counted as belonging to some category which entitles them to certain privileges. This way they get to be in the good books of everyone. They would not even dream of changing this social system which works miracles for them. It does not a take a genius figure all that out.

How is a reservation in an IIT or an IIM going to help out a certain person who has been mentally and physically abused his or her entire life? There might be few who are lucky enough and have gained descent education. But there still are many who cant get one square meal a day. Not because there is none available, but because they are supposed to eat only after all the cows and dogs in the entire village have had their fill. Punished and abused for something over which they had no control over. Being born in a certain family is no control of theirs. Everyone is born the same way and dies the same way. So why not we judge a person by the way he or she lives his life and not by their birth. To look down on someone and worship another based on a thousand year old tradition/religion is in no way justified. Shameful rather.

The point is, the problem has to be addressed at the grass root level. The underlying belief and way of thinking which has been so strongly embedded into the way of life, has to be changed. The more emphasis given by our "wise" policy makers on such issues ( like reservations ) further enforces the ideas of caste and discrimination. In fact that is what they count on. Our petty differences fuel the ambitions of our politicians. Why not take steps to have good standard schools even in the remotest of villages? Those that will help everyone compete on the same level and cater to all, irrespective of any differences. But no such thing seems remotely possible in the near future, because there does not seem to be any significant effort taken so far. Just easy ways to fool the poor people, who are so desperate for a change.

Our generation does not care too much of these social branding ( at least i think so ). However when issues like reservations rise, suddenly, all that seems needlessly important. I am not against aiding the deprived but there should be other factors to be considered too. Factors like financial position, background and current privileges enjoyed should also be considered. If that person has already received the fruits of his or her "lower"social status and lives with dignity then the purpose has been achieved. He or she must then not be considered for any special privileges, any more. However there is no talks on such an arrangement.

I am a strong believer of equality and firmly regard it as one of the epitomes of modern India's progress. Reservations in higher educational institutions or anywhere else for that matter, is not the solution for social upliftment. It is like a temporary arrangement. Our "wonderful" politicians though consider it to be the solution and want us to believe in that too. It is an easy way to please the people, rather delusion them. The more difficult but the right way is trying to bring about equality among the citizens, which i hope should and must be the motto of the modern youth. Especially, as students and the future generation, we should not be mislead by these consolations and must make our policy makers focus on the real issues in our society.

The views and opinions are all solely my own. I express deep regret if any of my comments have hurt anyone. Any provocation to any one's feelings was totally unintentional. Unless you are a politician of course. In which case I am happy that you access the Internet, and that you can read.

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