Monday, June 23, 2008

Crushed by the Barrel of Oil - Part 1

Oil or black gold as one calls it, has enslaved us for decades. We cry about its rising price, bicker about over dependence on it,complain about its harm to the environment, yet we cant seem to function without it. And as one had predicted it a very long time ago, it will get over one day.

And this, what we see today is just the beginning of things to come. Already a few wars have been fought over it, from time to time. Sometimes the reason isn't so obvious, but mostly it is. Soon enough, there will be more such brutal endeavors to take control of the ever diminishing resource. Up to a point when there is none to spare at all.

Thought there has been a whole lot of research and development (at least i assume so) in this field, we still haven't moved on to the next big step in energy sources. Other than probably nuclear energy for electricity production ( which is always under wide spread debate for various reasons ). For a country like India, which imports a large percentage of its fuel, wouldn't it be much cheaper and lighter on the economy to find an alternative to it? Especially after the two digit inflation rate and with no feasible solutions seen in the near future. Why should one commodity bloat the price of others and jeopardize the entire economy?

Blaming it on politicians is not going to help, because i believe they are helpless in this situation. Its time for the intellectuals and strategists to figure out the alternative solution to the world's demand for oil. be continued


Visu said...

Ah yes, we are approaching the d-day. Thats why I'd always suggest a bicycle ! :)

Harish said...

You aren't entirely right about politicians da. They do have a certain role to play, like playing host to a meeting of leading industrialists. But that said, it is indeed d-day. How can our nation develop, which is of topmost priority, without fuel? I am sure, R&D are working to overcome this problem, but how soon can they counteract is the prime question as far i am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Bicycle??? its sleeping in my home... would love to use it... OIL price oil price... what to say!!! non renewable resources bound to cease.. EVEN solar energy exists only till sun remains.. already there are sun spots(holes in sun)... who knows what will happen.. may be we will fight over another planet for survival!!!